100 Year Celebration Donors

A beautiful Bronze Jayhawk was gifted in 2023 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of SigEp at KU.

This Bronze Jayhawk was custom designed and handcrafted for KU SigEp by ICON Artworks.

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We thank the 100 th Anniversary Campaign Donors for their support of the educational programming at KU SigEp.



100 Logo Final 1

Becker, Bernie

Bene, Tom

Findley, Gloria

Gray, Jim

Gray, Tom

Kilroy, Jack

Lampton, Doug

Lampton, Marvin

Moyer, Steve

Seuferling, Dale

Wertz, Tom

Williamson, Del

Young, Steve

Zimmer, Kevin

IMG 9655



IMG 9655

Akright, Bill

Burmaster, Steve

Elliot, Richard

Goodale, Sean

2020 SigEp



1967 Pledge Class

Allen, Mark

Barnes, Jake

Bleish, Bill

Brown, Bill

Brown, Bob

Burgstahler, David

Church, Dan

Cochran, Robert

Cohen, Bill

Coulter, Ed

Dahir, Mike

Finocchiaro, Joe

Gillaspie, Michael


Herre, Scott

Hutsell, Jeff

Jacelone, Joe

Jones, Ryan

Klumpp, Brian

Lamb, Harold

Leatherman, Jack

Miller, Larry

Mudd, Dan

Pritchard, Jim

Staker, Rodd

Waletich, Brian

Field House



Kansas Athletics Logo

Adams, Mark

Adams, Todd

Anderson, John

Brown, Jeff

Bucher, Bill

Burchstead, Steve

Carder, Mark

Chappell, Ralph

Dalbom, Michael

Davis, Jon

Dougherty, Alan

Elliott, Robert

Ewy, Alexander

Fangman, Tom

Gille, Greg

Hellman, Ralph

Herchert, Bob

Hinkhouse, Steve

Kaine, Curtis

Kilroy, W. Terrance

Kort, Jason

Mata, Nathan

McAtee, Darin

Meridith, Michael

Meyer, Gus

Miller, Chuck

Owens, Pete

Quinn, Martin

Quinn, Richard

Redfearn, James

Rieger, Paul

Roberts, Ronald

Ruiz, Richard

Scherrer, Dan

Schwaab, John

Stos, Danny

Strauss, Fred

Templeton, Craig

Thompson, Hayes

Tooher, Matt

Winfrey, Gary



Adams, John

Allen, Bob

Andersen, David

Anderson, Jeff

Baker, Jimmy

Benscheidt, Charles

Brooks, Robert

Byers, Jacob

Caven, Terry

Chubb, Tom

Cohen, Barry

Comfort, James

Company, Sally

Dorsey, James

Dysart, Jack

Fisher, Charles

Foster, Rod

Glick, Randall

Gray, Bill

Hartung, Steve

Harville, Brad

Himmelberg, Joe

Howard, David

Iler, Robert

Jones, John Jay

Killeen, John

King, Robert

Kolom, Doug

Konen, Michael

Lanik, Steven

Lowry, Stuart

Mann, Terry

McCarthy, John

McCarthy, Tim

Mealman, Mike

Meyer, Dan

Murray, Chris

Owen, John R.

Rhoades, Charles

Robertson, David

Rowe, Rick

Sedlacek, Alex

Simpson, David

Spake, Brent

Spencer, Michael

Syslo, Jeff

Tamasi, Brian

Teter, Dwight

Treat, Richard

Tvrdik, Greg

Volkers, Jared

Wasko, Brian

Weinand, Len

Welling, John

Witmeyer, Kirk

Wood, David

Wright, Jeff

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity at KU

In 1923, a group known as Acomas, chartered the Kansas Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Among the chartering members was Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. SigEp’s original chapter house was located at 1145 Indiana Street. In 1929, SigEp built what is today’s Delta Gamma House. A declining membership due to members serving their country during World War II, caused to SigEp lose their chapter house to the Delta Gamma sorority. When chapter members returned after the war, they lived briefly in the YMCA, and then at the “Brown Palace”. In 1949, SigEp moved into their new house, at its current location on Tennessee Street’s “Greek Row”.

Today, SigEp is one of the largest fraternities at the University of Kansas. SigEp has a strong tradition in KU’s Rock Chalk Revue, and is proud of its athletic and academic performance. Sigma Phi Epsilon encourages academic excellence with an aggressive undergraduate Scholarship Program, with awards ceremonies each semester.

Year after year, Sigma Phi Epsilon continues to Build Balanced Men.

To read more about SigEp, check out this article in the SigEp Journal.

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