Tim Findley Award

Sigma Phi Epsilon, as a fraternity of men, is only as great as the personal qualities and characteristics of the individual men of its brotherhood. Sigma Phi Epsilon admits to this brotherhood only those men who espouse the ideals and principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. The Brothers of Kansas Gamma shall always be proud to call one such man their brother — Brother Tim Findley.

Tim Findley joined Sigma Phi Epsilon in May of 1983 on the first day allowed for incoming freshmen to join a fraternity at the University of Kansas. He would tell his parents that he joined SigEp because, “…they are just a great group of guys.”

A varsity football player in high school, Tim excelled in intramural athletic competition. He was diligent in his studies and worked hard to improve his scholarship. Above all, Tim was a friend to his many fraternity brothers; he enjoyed every opportunity to share his life with others.


For those who knew him, Tim had a special personality which was positive and fair. As he walked down the hall in the Chapter House he carried a smile and was generous with a greeting. He accepted people and situations as he discovered them; he did not judge. For his positive and fair attitude, he was a friend to many.

Tim Findley died on November 21, 1983 from injuries suffered in a fall from the roof of the Chapter House. Selected as the Outstanding New Member of his class, Tim was posthumously initiated as a Brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon by the Kansas Gamma Chapter on January 30, 1984.

Through the generosity of family, friends, the Kansas Gamma Chapter, and alumni, the Tim Findley Outstanding New Member Memorial Award Fund was established to memorialize the outstanding personal characteristics exemplified by Brother Tim Findley with the presentation of an annual award to the Outstanding New Member of the Kansas Gamma Chapter. This Fund is a reward to the Outstanding New Member for living the cardinal principles of the Fraternity and is intended to aid the recipient in continuing his education at the University of Kansas and his affiliation with the Kansas Gamma Chapter.

By the presentation of this Award, the friendships and memories of Brother Tim Findley shall forever be in the hearts and minds of his Brothers.

Tim Findley Outstanding New Member Award Winners

  • 1983 — Tim Findley
  • 1984 — John Luther
  • 1985 — Eric Love
  • 1986 — Joel Carnazzo
  • 1987 — Steve Siebert
  • 1988 — Jason Rubis
  • 1989 — Nate Lankford
  • 1990 — Todd Adams
  • 1991 — Chris Jameson
  • 1992 — Rob Geise
  • 1993 — Jake Barnes
  • 1994 — John Adams
  • 1995 — Ryan Jones
  • 1996 — Adam Gumowski
  • 1997 — Mason Akers
  • 1998 — Sam Spratlin
  • 1999 — Luke Sander
  • 2000 — Dan Lesslie
  • 2001 — Jon Haugh
  • 2002 — Pat Craven
  • 2003 — Adam Howes
  • 2004 — Alex Sullivan
  • 2005 — Michael Gillaspie
  • 2006 — Jeff Stebbins
  • 2007 —  Jeff Brown
  • 2008 — Reggie Hernandez
  • 2009 — Zack Korte
  • 2010 — Mac Tamblyn
  • 2011 — Gunter Jones
  • 2012 — Nate Ruby
  • 2013 — Mitch Beller
  • 2014 — Evan Steere
  • 2015 — Kyle Bolig
  • 2016 — Kyle Resnik
  • 2017 — Keaton Dornath
  • 2018 — Keaton Goodale

2017 Award Winner Keaton Dornath