KU SigEp By the Numbers 2023 updated Fall 2023

One of SigEp’s principles includes not only having a sound body, but also a sound mind. Brothers constantly strive to improve their academic performance and further develop their intellectual skills for college and beyond. Number one on our Top 5 Goals, SigEp’s realize the importance of having a sound mind and excelling in academics at KU.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity also sets our members up for success by providing valuable resources to help all SigEp brothers advance academically. We provide a state-of-the-art computer lab with all necessary resources to complete term papers, projects, presentations and a quiet and professional atmosphere to study for exams and complete assignments.

In addition, SigEp is the first and only educational foundation and Greek letter organization with a successful, comprehensive Residential Learning Community program, which expands on many learning communities found on some of our nation’s best campuses. SigEp offers a four-year, cross-curriculum experience culminating with a capstone senior alumni network.

2009 Scholarship Dinner Tom Gray Corbin Kline